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Photo: Brad Kominek

Brad Kominek
Noble Ale Works (Anaheim, CA)

“"This experience has taught me quite a lot when it comes to beer and developing my knowledge around the various styles that are made in the countries we visited."”

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Photo: Evan Price – NobleAleWorks

Evan Price – NobleAleWorks
NobleAleWorks (Anaheim, CA)

“"IAM literally sent Brad and I to England! I don't think it gets any more impactful than that! Without the help from Team IAM, this trip wouldn't have been possible."”

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Photo: Andrew Aoun

Andrew Aoun
Rosine's Mediterranean Restaurant (Anaheim, CA)

“With the help of the IAM organization, I was able to receive aid to pay for my examination allowing me to focus less on bearing the financial burden and more so on my studies. The experience in dealing with their organization was pleasant and inspiring; it was thrilling to know that someone was out there assisting hospitality professionals in taking their service and expertise to the next level....”

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Photo: Brandon Sosa

Brandon Sosa
Hopscotch Tavern (Fullerton, CA)

“I had studied for several months reading books, taking notes, and making flash cards. After I finished my written portion of the exam I still felt very good, I knew I had passed. Then came the tasting portion. Although I had never done much formal beer tasting, I believed I had the knowledge to pass...”

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Photo: Eva Pelczer

Eva Pelczer
Honeycut (Los Angeles, CA)

“The funding from IAM not only provided a vehicle for getting there but also lent my attendance an undercurrent of encouragement and legitimacy that propelled me to get the most out of the experience. It’s an exciting and rewarding thing to have surpassed one’s expectations and goals over the course of an event like this...”

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Photo: Gabrielle Dion

Gabrielle Dion
Broadway by Amar Santana / The Mixing Glass at The OC Mix (Orange County, CA)

“Portland Cocktail week was one of the most eyeopening, amazing experiences of my career. To have the chance to not only be a witness to the hundreds of likeminded bar industry professionals, but to be an active participant in learning how to better my craft, was an experience I won't soon forget...”

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Photo: Gaby Mlynarczyk

Gaby Mlynarczyk
ink. Restaurant (West Hollywood, CA)

“Inspire artistic minds gave me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the cocktail world, learning first hand from business and creative professionals who have helped to shape the cocktail industry to what it is today. The insights and skills I gained...”

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Photo: Luke Lambert

Luke Lambert
Protagonist, The Local, Virtu (Phoenix, AZ)

“I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience and as those involved reflect on the week and the ways to make the structure even MORE efficient and hospitable, I’m sure that will only continue to be the case. Many thanks to Bobby Navarro and the Board of Inspire Artistic Minds for your time and consideration...”

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Taste, Sight, Sound

Photo: OC Meseum of Art:  The Avant-Garde Collection

The Orange Museum of Art is hosting their "Avant-Garde Collection" exhibit now through January 4, 2015. Visit on the 2nd Sunday of the month and entrance is free. Read more

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Photo: Marcas Contemporary Art Gallery: “Foundation Group Exhibit & Paul Kaiser’s Chocolate Polaroids”

Be sure to visit the newest exhibit at the Marcas Contemporary Art Gallery: "Foundation Group Exhibit & Paul Kaiser's Chocolate Polaroids" between October 4th and November 2nd and admission is free. Read more

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Photo: Marcas Contemporary Gallery: “Pardon My French”

"Pardon My French" will be the next exhibit hosted by the Marcas Contemporary Art Gallery. It is on view from November 8-30 and admission is FREE. Read more

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Inspire Artistic Minds is a 501 (c) 3 community culture project brought to you by 100eats.com

This charitable organization provides opportunity scholarships and educational experiences to advance the arts in the areas of taste, sight and sound, with a strong focus in the food and beverage industry. IAM encourages the growth of local economy, strengthens small business, and builds up the passionate individuals in varying creative industries.

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Come and support our organization through these fundraising opportunities.

10% of the profits from the grand opening will go to support Inspire Artistic Minds
Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 6pm - 9pm
The LAB - 2930 Bristol St. Costa Mesa CA 92626
Join the Marcas Contemporary Gallery for an opening reception where 10% of the profits will support Inspire Artistic Minds.
Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 8pm - 11pm
305 East 4th St. #103 Santa Ana, CA 92701

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